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October 8, 2020

ZIPAIR will launch Passenger Service Flight between Narita and Seoul

Tokyo, October 8, 2020 - ZIPAIR Tokyo will launch its first passenger service flight connecting Tokyo-Narita (NRT) and Seoul-Incheon (ICN) beginning October 16, 2020.
ZIPAIR, as the only airline in Japan connecting Tokyo and Seoul, will enhance passenger convenience by providing a new travel option.
ZIPAIR has been operating the Tokyo (Narita) - Seoul (Incheon) route as a cargo-only service since September 12, 2020. ZIPAIR is committed to maintaining its safe operations on its passenger flights as well, and we will continue to provide a good value that passengers expect.

Flight Schedule: Tokyo (Narita) – Seoul (Incheon) Service
IATA Summer Schedule (October 16 - October 23)
Flight number / ScheduleOperating day
ZG41 / Narita (NRT) 9:15 a.m. Seoul (ICN) 11:50 a.m.Tue., Fri.
ZG42 / Seoul (ICN) 1:30 p.m. Narita (NRT) 3:55 p.m.Tue., Fri.
  • - Flights schedule is subject to government approval.
IATA Winter Schedule (October 27 – March 26, 2021)
Flight number / ScheduleOperating day
ZG41 / Narita (NRT) 8:40 a.m. Seoul (ICN) 11:15 a.m.Tue., Fri.
ZG42 / Seoul (ICN) 12:40 p.m. Narita (NRT) 3:05 p.m.Tue., Fri.
  • - Flights schedule is subject to government approval.

Two types of airfares are offered: "ZIP Full-Flat", which is a fare for higher-grade " ZIP Full-Flat" seats, and "Standard", which is a fare for regular seats. As part of the "Standard" fare, the "U6 Standard" fare for children under seven years of age is offered for a flat rate of JPY3,000 one-way fare. This will enable all children, including infants under two years old, to be seated.

  1. (1) Seat Fare
    Effective period:Oct. 16 - Nov. 27 *
    Fare TypesFare (per seat, one-way)
    Fare (per seat, one-way)
    ZIP Full-FlatJPY30,000-141,000KRW360,000-440,0007 years and older
    StandardJPY8,000-30,000KRW96,000-317,0007 years and older
    U6 StandardJPY3,000KRW36,000Less than 7 years
    Effective period:Oct. 16 - Nov. 27
    Fare TypesFare (per seat, one-way)
    ZIP Full-Flat
    7 years and older
    7 years and older
    U6 Standard
    Less than 7 years
    • In addition to the airfare, airport charges, fees and taxes are required.
    • Each fare includes maximum of 7kg of Carry-on baggage.
    • Additional fees apply for ordering meals, check baggage(s) and advance seat selection.
    • Airfares will fluctuate subject to available remaining seats.

    *The seat sales schedule and airfares for traveling after November 27 will be announced as soon as decided, due course.

  2. (2) Airfare Rules
    Flight BookingOn ZIPAIR Website or at ZIPAIR Contact Center.
    Purchase DeadlineAt least 90 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure.
    Date ChangeNot permitted
    RefundPermitted upon payment of the applicable Cancellation Fee.
    • At ZIPAIR Contact Center, an Administrative Fee will apply for each one way per person in case of new purchase.
    • For more information, please visit the ZIPAIR website
  3. (3) Sales Start
    i. Flights between Oct. 16 and Oct. 23.
    October 8, 6:00 p.m.
    ii. Flights between Oct. 27 and Nov. 27
    October 16, 6:00 p.m.

ZIPAIR Inflight Service

Passengers will be able to place order for snack and sales item using smartphone and tablet devices with the airline’s new Inflight Self-Ordering and Payment System, as well as to enjoy a variety of entertainment content and complimentary in-flight internet services via inflight Wi-Fi.

  1. (1) The Inflight Self-Ordering and Payment System

    Passengers can use the Inflight Self-Ordering and Payment System on all ZIPAIR flights via the free inflight Wi-Fi system available on our aircraft. Passengers can browse the shopping catalog, view availability, place orders on-demand, and make credit card payments using smartphone and tablet devices without any assistance from the cabin crew.
    The Inflight Self-Ordering and Payment System is a collaboration with Collins Aerospace.

    For more information, please visit https://www.collinsaerospace.com/

  2. (2) Variety of Inflight Entertainment

    ZIPAIR passengers will be able to access a range of complimentary onboard entertainment via their own smart devices, using the free inflight Wi-Fi. A selection of movies, ZIPAIR content and promotional offers will be available on board.
    ZIPAIR is the first airline to use GoMedia's content platform as its inflight entertainment system.

    For more information, please visit https://gomedia.io/

    As a ZIPAIR special offering, passengers will be able to watch original music videos provided by SONY MUSIC LABEL exclusively on board ZIPAIR.
    We are pleased to announce that we have featured Ms. Emiri Miyamoto's "Marina Grande" as the ZIPAIR's boarding music. Check out the original ZIPAIR music video with an interview with Ms. Miyamoto on board!

  3. (3) Complimentary Inflight Wi-Fi

    ZIPAIR offers inflight Wi-Fi and free internet access.
    ZIPAIR has selected Panasonic Avionics’s solution to provide inflight connectivity.

    For more information, please visit https://www.panasonic.aero/
    Some websites cannot be accessed via the inflight Wi-Fi.

Comments from President of ZIPAIR, Shingo Nishida
Due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection, we were forced to postpone the launch of our passenger flights, but we are finally able to welcome passengers on board. Although the COVID-19 impact continues, we will do our best to serve our passengers with a new option for travel between Tokyo and Seoul.
Since we had more time to prepare for the start of passenger flights than we had originally planned, we have been working hard to make sure that we are ready to welcome our customers, and we hope you will enjoy the journey with ZIPAIR.

Note: The flight schedule and airfares for the passenger service of Tokyo-Bangkok route will be announced as soon as they are confirmed.