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April 11, 2019

“ZIPAIR” unveiled its aircraft and uniform design!

ZIPAIR Tokyo Inc. unveiled the design of its aircraft and uniforms worn by flight crews, flight attendants and ground staff in preparation for the launch of international mid and long-distance LCC operations in 2020.

  • About the Aircraft’s design

    The vertical tail will feature the corporate symbol on a gray background. Also, a thin green line stretches on the side of the fuselage, where one can imagine the aircraft flying straight toward the destination like an arrow.

    Aircraft’s design
  • About the Uniform’s design

    The uniforms worn by flight crews, cabin attendants and ground staff were designed by fashion designer Taro Horiuchi, who works for the popular fashion brands “TARO HORIUCHI” and “th” and attracts global attention. Based on the concept of "coordination and unity", staff can dress according to the work content, weather, mood and physical condition of the day, where it is possible to combine a large number of items. In addition, sneakers were adopted for the shoes, where ease of movement and reduction of fatigue were prioritized. By allowing one to freely coordinate their uniform as with everyday clothing, the company believes that the staff will be able to work with more intensity. By introducing new uniforms that pursue beauty, we aim to maximize the performance of our employees and lead to improved service to our customers

    Uniform’s design
    the first one on the left : Pilot
    the others : Cabin Attendant/Ground sraff

    Taro Horiuchi (designer)
    After graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp, Taro went to France in 2008 and launched "TARO HORIUCHI" in 2010. In 2012, he won the "30th Daily Fashion Grand Prize" rookie award. With the concept of values that transcend generations and genders, Taro attracted attention in his creations. In recent years, Taro launched the men's brand "th" in 2018, and has overseen the exhibition of photographer Ronald Stoops in 2019, expanding the range of his activities.